The Home Buying Experience

By Piché and Associates

Just like the home selling experience, at Piché & Associates Real Estate we view buying a home as a journey and not a process.  Throughout the experience of buying your home an Associate from Piché & Associates Real Estate will be with you every step of the way.  They will be there to listen to you, provide guidance and counsel and solve any problems that may arise.

The journey begins before your first meeting with an Associate. Consider the following and be prepared when you meet for the first time:

  • What are your “must haves” in a home?
  • Are you looking for a particular style?
  • How many bedrooms and bathrooms do you need or want?
  • Are you looking for an updated property?
  • What don’t you want in a home?
  •  Do you have a particular neighborhood picked out?
  •  How important is the school district in your home search?

The First Meeting with Your Associate

This is the opportunity to really get to know your Associate and vice versa.  Let them know what you are looking for in a home and what your timeframe is for purchasing.  Ask your Associate questions and explain what you expect from them as an agent, tell them how you like to communicate and share with them your lender pre-approval information.  At Piché & Associates Real Estate we want to be certain we can meet your expectations and insure the experience is enjoyable and as stress-free as possible.

At your first meeting you will learn how the “Agency” system works and be asked to sign the Agency Relationships in Real Estate Transaction disclosure form. At the same time your Associate will review the representation agreement with you and explain their fiduciary duties to you.

Looking For Your Home

Following a thorough explanation of how the Multiple Listing Service works, your Associate can set up an account based on your criteria that will provide you with listings on a scheduled basis.  You can receive automatic emails showing what is listed daily, weekly or monthly, whatever works for you.

Viewing Homes

When see a property that interests you; call, email, or text your Associate and request a viewing.  It’s best to provide ample time when requesting a showing, 12-24 hours is ideal, but in some market conditions, sooner is better.  Once confirmation that the showing appointment is approved your Associate will contact you and most likely meet at the first listing.

At the showing, your Associate may provide you with their professional observations of the property, characteristics of interest and concern along with information on comparable properties in the area.

Ready to Submit a Purchase Agreement

So, you found a home and want to submit a purchase offer.  Your Associate will counsel you on appropriate price to offer and draw up a purchase agreement for your signatures.  Be prepared to write an earnest money check to accompany your purchase agreement.  It will then be submitted for consideration.

Your Purchase Agreement Has Been Accepted

Once your offer has been accepted a number of steps will occur on the way to closing on the home.  If you have requested an inspection the Inspection Contingency period begins and a home inspector will contacted and scheduled to go through the home.  A report will be provided to you for review and at this time you may request some repairs or decide to opt out of the purchase agreement.  It’s important to remember that any and all negotiations must occur within the time frame outlined in the purchase agreement.

Your Associate will coordinate the closing time and location with all parties of the sale and at this time it is important to contact your lender to begin the actual mortgage application process.  A “Good Faith Estimate” of costs to close will be provided to you from the lender informing you how money will be necessary to bring to closing.

During this time your Associate will stay in close contact with your lender.

Getting the Keys to Your New Home – The Closing Process

Allow at least one-hour for the closing, however it has been known to take longer in extreme circumstances.

In order to close you will need to bring a Photo ID, your Social Security Number(s), Certified funds to pay your closing costs and the complete addresses of your residences over the past ten years.

Your Associate will attend the closing with you and the loan officer may also choose to attend.  The closer will provide a thorough explanation of the Settlement Statement and any documents you may be asked to sign.  Ask questions during this process, if you don’t understand something.

We Still Represent You – Even After You Close

Our representation of you does not end at the closing of your home.  If you encounter any issues with your home your Associate will be there to discuss your options.