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Planning a Move to the Minneapolis-Saint Paul Metropolitan Region?

Congratulations, You Have Made A Great Choice!

The Twin Cities region offers one of the highest “quality-of- living” standards of any major metropolitan city in the country with much to offer residents and visitors.  There are vibrant cultural, dining and entertainment communities for a region of its size.  It’s known for its unparalleled education system, both at the K-12 and post-secondary levels.  The Twin Cities consistently ranks among the top regions for its educated workforce, low unemployment and strong work ethic.  It is internationally recognized as a leader in environmentally-friendly living with its hundreds of miles of cycling and walking paths, recycling solutions, sustainable building and local source dining options.  When it comes to volunteerism and community engagement, the Twin Cities ranks at the top in the nation. Yes, the Twin Cities has much to offer, including an extraordinary place to enjoy life, raise a family and do business. It is a perfect choice!


Finding Your Next Home Doesn’t Need To Be A Challenge

Relocating to a new community can be daunting and stressful, unless you have access to the right resources and people to help. At Piché & Associates, we are here to assist with your real estate relocation needs. We will do everything in our power to make it as stress-free and comfortable as possible. Our Associates are knowledgeable about the Twin Cities metropolitan region, professional and always places you, the client, at the forefront.  Our Associates work closely with our clients to make certain you are fully informed about the cost of real estate in the marketplace.  Contact us using the form below and one of our Associates will get right back to you.  Give us an idea of the timeframe of your relocation, if you need more information on neighborhoods and communities or, if you know what part of the metro area you want to live, provide us with that information, as well.

A Live Look At The Twin Cities Residential Real Estate Market

The following “live” charts will give you an overview of how the 11-county Twin Cities housing market has been performing over the past four years. (Simply place your cursor on the line and rollback to view activity at any time on the chart)  The first graph shows you the median sales price over the past four years.  The next graph will provide you information on the number of homes for sale in the marketplace.

University of Saint Thomas

 Education Is Number One In The Twin Cities

When it comes to higher education, the Twin Cities region ranks second in the nation for the number of colleges per capita. Saint Paul can boast 14 higher learning institutions making the Twin Cities among the top 10 most literate in the nation.  Finding the right neighborhood and school system doesn’t have to be a challenge.  We have provided you a link to the state of Minnesota’s Department of Education website.  At this site you can view school districts and individual schools for report cards on how they compare in academic standards. Just follow the “Data Center” tab.

Looking for information on post-secondary schools in the Twin Cities metro area?  The following link will provide you with comprehensive list of public an private schools.


Cultural Activities Abound

It’s no wonder there is so much to do and enjoy in the metro region with 57 museums and 60 live theater sites, including the acclaimed Guthrie Theater in Minneapolis and the Ordway Center for the Performing Arts in Saint Paul.  The Twin Cities region has one of the most active cultural scenes in the nation, enough to keep you busy every night of the week. We have provided you with some links to learn more about exciting living in the Minneapolis-Saint Paul region and to keep you up to date on what’s happening in the region.  Visit The Line and Visit Twin Cities to  keep up  with this creative community.  And once you’ve moved here the state of Minnesota has so much to offer recreationally, that you will never have to leave the state.  To find out more about activities in the state visit Explore Minnesota.

Growing economy

Twin Cities Business Community: Stronger Than Ever

From a business perspective, Minnesota ranks 2nd in the number of Fortune 500 companies per capita and 17 of these companies can be found in the Twin Cities metro area.  The region fosters entrepreneurialism, creativity and a strong, educated workforce making it one of the top areas for attracting business and jobs.  We’ve included links below to more information about the business environment, economic development and employment in the region.

Business & Economic Development




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