Ann Slanga


I am an established small-business owner in White Bear Lake with a strong entrepreneurial background in sales and training, a passion for helping seniors and an aptitude for deciphering legalese.
Together, I can demystify purchasing or selling your home and will gladly assist you throughout the entire process.
I have a bachelor’s degree from Hamline University in legal studies, political studies and criminal justice, and loved my coursework in real estate law.
Besides owning and managing a small business in downtown White Bear Lake for the past 14-plus years, I have been an active member of homeowners’ associations and understand townhouse/condominium documents. Having experienced both good and unfortunate situations as a homeowner, I am committed to make your experience a positive one.
I am passionate about helping the elderly and their families and am hands on in the process of managing the decluttering and selling of a longtime home. I know that that can be a complex — and often scary — process, and I am here to help.